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Caitriona Watters Crehan


Caitriona has worked in the disability sector for the past 18 years supporting children, adults and their families. She also has two members of her own family who have an additional need. Caitriona has a B.A. (Hons) in Applied Social Studies specialising in disabilities and a Post Grad Cert in Education in Autism. She also holds qualifications in LAMH, PECS, TEACCH, DIR Floortime, Theraplay, ABA and is a Studio 3 qualified Behaviour Management trainer.

‘I have founded Prepare Me because I believe that our current information systems do not meet the learning styles of many people with additional needs. If you do not use words to speak or if you process language differently, verbal explanations and text are often not the best format of communication when preparing for something.

On too many occasions I have watched somebody I support experience high levels of stress or confusion during ‘ordinary’ activities which can cause them to have a negative experience or lead to them feeling completely unable to participate. The assumption is often made that the cause of this stress is rooted in the challenge somebody’s ‘disability’ can present. However, I know that very often the stress is caused by that person not feeling sure of what they can expect and as a result; feeling threatened or unsafe in that setting. Fight or flight sets in and the person may resist the experience or seek to remove themselves altogether. Not having capacity to understand something and not having the opportunity to understand and exercise your capacity are two very different things.
On a daily basis; my colleagues and I build visual resources to assist somebody’s understanding of a task or experience often leading to a transformed experience for the individual. This is generally an arduous and time consuming task which is replicated across the country by parents and carers. It is very difficult to source the images you might need and even when you do, it can take a large amount of time to format that information in a way that meets the needs of your focus person.

Prepare Me hopes to change this and offer a platform for people to easily access and personalise the resources they need. We want to also work with as many service providers as possible, building bespoke resources and creating awareness of why this type of information is so valuable to so many. We believe a picture is worth a thousand words and that everyone should have the opportunity to access information that is meaningful to them.’


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