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Tom Gilmartin

Tom has 13 years’ experience working and managing in the disability sector and holds an honours degree in Applied Social Studies, specialising in Disabilities. He has also over 10 years’ experience in the Insurance services sector in Ireland. Tom currently works in family support within the disability sector.
‘I have evidenced first-hand the difficulties experienced by children and adults with an additional need in accessing normal services in their communities. To date it has been extremely difficult and time consuming to develop social stories and images used in supporting these individuals have a more positive experience. To have picture stories, video models and visual schedules available through ‘Prepare Me’ will greatly benefit both children and adults with additional needs and service providers a like.
Having worked alongside Caitriona for a number of years I am delighted to support this project in an advisory capacity. Her passion, commitment and ability in supporting people with Disabilities is second to none. ‘


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