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Prepare Me for... ...Going to the Doctors


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Schools Pack

  • Video Model: Our video models follow Joshua and Rosalind as they have a typical doctors visit. The visit is shown step by step visually and narrated using simple, clear and reassuring language to help your child understand what is happening on screen. Suitable for use on all devices.
  • Picture Story: this 40 page book contains our picture story separating a typical doctors visit into easy to understand steps which replicate what a user will have seen in the video.
  • Visual Schedule: visually summarises the entire experience in one page. This will be useful when practicing/ role playing.
  • Additional Learning Activities: can be used with your students to generalise their learning. We’ve included themed colouring pages, puzzles, matching games, body and pain chart, image cards, sticker charts, stickers and an achievement certificate.
  • Flash Cards: Flash cards for highlighting the main steps of an examination and the relevant equipment.
  • Prepare Me’s Top Tips for schools: Guidance on using your pack in the classroom and getting the maximum benefit for your students.
  • Handy Prepare Me Cotton Bag for storage


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