I cannot believe the difference the 'Prepare Me" kit has made to my children especially my son who has Aspergers and has terrible anxiety issues with anything medical. Even hearing medical terms spoken out loud causes him distress! So I introduced the pack slowly and by the time we got to our GP visit yesterday he was so calm!
I couldn't believe it! He normally has a meltdown before or after the visit as he feels overwhelmed by the whole atmosphere.
This time it was a breeze! 5 stars from us- this is an excellent initiative! Thanks so much guys!!!!

Aoife Smyth Murphy, Mum to Leo

Our 6 year old son who has autism has a long history of ear problems, he always got very distressed when the doctor had to check him and sometimes to the point where we would have to hold him. We tried this pack and he absolutely loved using it, his concentration when listening to our hearts as well as his own brought on many a giggle. The doctor’s visit went so smoothly, he sat up, got his ears, mouth and chest checked without any problem, we were all so pleasantly surprised. We have since had to have another doctors visit that went as smoothly as the first since using the pack. We would recommend this pack for any child who has any anxiety in going to the doctor.
Prepare Me does exactly what it says and the results are life changing. Congratulations Caitriona on all your hard work in helping so many people and children, we will always be thankful to have had the opportunity to be part of your journey.

Stephanie Philips

The difference the pack made to my son Luke was unbelievable. Luke has autism and always hated going to the doctor or been examined, he had other issues as a baby so was always in and out of hospital with check-ups and learned to hate them. When we first got the pack i definitely thought it would take longer than two weeks to work, the first day we used it he hated being examined and fought the whole process but come day two when it came to looking in his mouth he actually opened his mouth to let us look. After that he was much more calm and we actually had to bring him to the doctor the first week of the getting the pack, his doctor couldn’t believe the difference usually we have to try hold him down. Thank you so much for the pack it has changed our lives and Luke is so much better with the doctor now.

Dawn Bolger

My son has a loan of the pack at the minute it is helping him so much overcome the fear of the doctors I cannot express how grateful I am to gotten to try it out I got to take him to the doctors surgery today and had the visuals and the book he let the doctor examine him no bother the last time it took 2 of us to hold him down the prepare me pack has been a godsend here and I would highly recommend it xx

Laura Tyhuis

Denis has down syndrome and since he was a new-born, he has to attend regular appointments and be examined etc. As he gets older and more aware of what is going to happen at these appointments, he is often very distressed and overwhelmed.
So we were delighted to try this resource and I was very impressed with it, well done!
Denis really enjoyed using the equipment while looking at the pictures in the book and modelling what they were doing.
We were really impressed at how relaxed he got as the days moved on with letting us use the equipment on him. When it came to his next appointment, I felt he was a lot more at ease and prepared for what was going to happen. Great idea, 5 stars

Ger Cottrel

Excellent pack. Very well thought out and a great resource. Would 100% recommend it.

Grainne Ni Chuinein

Prepare Me is an excellent pack. I do recommend it 100%. I was very impressed by the content of the pack. It is fun, it is educational and it really makes a difference.

Ela DM


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