Two Further Pilots

March 1, 2018

Following the success of our pilot resources in The Surgery-Athenry, we decided to run the first of two further pilots where we would send our resources directly to children and adults who have additional needs and currently find visiting their Doctor to be a stressful experience.

We sent out 15 packs initially to families, professionals and social care services all across the country and the feedback has been incredible!! We included in each pack; our video model, picture book, visual schedule, certificate, matching game and all of the medical equipment a child or adult might be exposed to during a ‘typical’ checkup (stethoscope, auroscope & in ear thermometer).

Each person who used the resources had a positive experience and reduction in the stress when they returned to the Doctor for a checkup. Over half of the participants had a completely transformed experience as a direct result of using our packs which is beyond amazing and we are thrilled that our packs made such an impact.

You can read some of the feedback on our testimonials section of the website!


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